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Deep sequencing of the locust Locusta migratoria manilensis central nervous system transcriptome

ABSTRACT: We report the application of single-molecule-based sequencing technology for high-throughput profiling of nervous system in locust Locusta migratoria manilensis. By obtaining over 57,000,000 bases of sequence from central nervous system, we generated 101836 contigs and 69440 scaffolds. We finally get 41179 unigene with an average length of 570bp. There are 5519 unigenes beyond the length of 1000bp. Using BLAST searches of the NR, NT, Swiss-Prot, KEGG and COG databases we are able to identify 13552 unigene (E<0.0001). Comprehensive assessment of all the unigenes by comparing with the studied genes of other insects nervous system reveals that our unigene are broadly representative of the transcriptome of insect nervous system. Our data provides the most large-scale EST-project for locust nervous system, which greatly benefits the exploring of this insect. In addition, we identify a large number of novel nervous genes which can be used in systematic studies of locust and other insects. Examination of 1 sample

ORGANISM(S): Locusta migratoria manilensis  

SUBMITTER: Yanbing Cheng   Yuxian Xia  Zhengyi Zhang  Zhiyu Peng 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-24498 | ArrayExpress | 2011-01-04



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