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RNA profiles of embryonic stem cells generated from in vitro produced or in vivo derived rhesus preimplantation embryos

ABSTRACT: It is often overlooked that human ESCs are generated from in vitro cultured, often surplus/‘discard’, embryos considered unsuitable for transfer in infertility clinics. In vitro culture of preimplantation embryos has been associated with a number of perturbations, including ultrastructure, gene expression, metabolism and post-transfer development. We report here the transcriptional profiles characteristic of ESC lines generated from either in vitro cultured or in vivo derived embryos. Embryonic stem cell RNAs were prepared from samples collected from 8 different lines. Four lines were generated from preimplantation embryos derived in vivo (R series; Thomson et al 1995) and four lines were generated from in vitro cultured preimplantation embryos (Ormes series; Mitalipov et al 2003). ChipInspector carries out significance analysis on the single probe level. Normalized probe set level data not provided for individual Sample records. Processed data is available on Series record.

ORGANISM(S): Macaca mulatta  

SUBMITTER: Carol A Carol.Brenner   C A Brenner  S Mitalipov  J A Byrne  S A Krawetz  B D Bavister  A J Harvey  S Mao  C Lalancette 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-25198 | ArrayExpress | 2010-11-09



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