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Bone marrows infiltrating human neuroblastoma cells express high levels of calprotectin and HLA-G proteins.

ABSTRACT: In neuroblastoma (NB) patients metastasis are the main cause of death, thus understanding the biological and genetic features of the metastatic NB cells is needed to reach efficient target-based therapies for high risk patients. In recent years, several prognostic signatures derived from gene expression profiles, DNA abnormalities, and non-coding RNAs have been proposed as sensitive indicators of tumor aggressiveness in NB patients. Although efforts have been performed in order to validate each gene classifier on independent patient cohorts, the major challenge remains to identify specific signature of in vivo metastatic NB cells. Based on the above considerations, we evaluated the gene expression profile of the bone-marrow (BM) infiltrating metastatic NB cells in comparison with that of primary tumor cells, in order to identify the genes differentially expressed in vivo and to validate potential markers and/or therapeutic targets for metastatic cells. We show that BM infiltrating metastatic NB cells express, together with typical NB markers, genes commonly expressed by the hematopoietic lineages. A among the proteins up-regulated in the metastatic cells, calprotectin, a potent inflammatory protein, and HLA-G, a potent tolerogenic protein, may represent novel diagnostic and prognostic markers as well as potential targets for biologically driven therapy of high risk NB patients. We analyzed gene expression profiles of 32 RNA samples from NB patients stage 4, divided into three groups: 11 samples are neuroblasts freshly isolated from metastatic bone marrow, 11 samples are primary tumors from patients stage 4 alive at 5 years follow-up, 10 samples are primary tumors from patients stage 4 dead with disease at 5 years follow-up.

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  

SUBMITTER: Katia Mazzocco   GianPaolo Tonini  Paola Scaruffi  Vito Pistoia  Claudio Gambini  Stefano Bonassi  MariaValeria Corrias  Fabio Gallo  Stefano Moretti  Riccardo Haupt  Fabio Morandi  Sara Stigliani  PAOLA SCARUFFI  Paolo Fardin 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-25623 | ArrayExpress | 2012-01-20



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Metastases in the bone marrow (BM) are grim prognostic factors in patients with neuroblastoma (NB). In spite of extensive analysis of primary tumor cells from high- and low-risk NB patients, a characterization of freshly isolated BM-infiltrating metastatic NB cells is still lacking. Our aim was to identify proteins specifically expressed by metastatic NB cells, that may be relevant for prognostic and therapeutic purposes. Sixty-six Italian children over 18 months of age, diagnosed with stage 4 N  ...[more]

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