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The bone marrow microenvironment in patients with neuroblastoma: presence of IFN signature and significant down-regulation of CXCL12 expression

ABSTRACT: Neuroblastoma (NB) is the most common extra cranial solid tumor in infants. Although several risk factors including patient age, disease stage and genetic abnormalities, such as MYCN amplification and 11q deletion, have been shown to predict outcome, the mechanisms responsible for the heterogeneous clinical behavior of this tumor, ranging from spontaneous regression to rapid progression of disease and patient’s death, remain largely unknown. Patients with disseminated disease mainly show metastasis at bone marrow (BM) and bone. The presence of metastasis is an independent unfavorable prognostic factor for NB patients over 18 months of age at diagnosis, whose event-free and overall survivals are grim despite intensive multimodal therapies. We decided to investigate the transcriptome of both NB metastatic cells and resident hematopoietic BM cells to get insight on potential targets for diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic purposes. Hereby, we report on the results obtained by comparing BM resident hematopoietic cells in the presence and absence of infiltrating NB hematopoietic cells with BM cells from young healthy donors. We analyzed gene expression profiles of 40 bone marrow samples: 8 from healthy young donor; 23 from NB patients with stage 1, 2, 3; 9 from NB patients with stage 4.

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  

SUBMITTER: Stefano Parodi   Alberto Garaventa  GianPaolo Tonini  Paola Scaruffi  Vito Pistoia  Stefano Bonassi  MariaValeria Corrias  Fabio Gallo  Stefano Moretti  Sara Stigliani  Fabio Morandi  PAOLA SCARUFFI  Paolo Fardin 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-25624 | ArrayExpress | 2011-09-29



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