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Human lung tissue

ABSTRACT: Dr. Clausen's laboratory is interested in the structure, biosynthesis and genetic regulation of glycoconjugates, with a major focus on mucins. This laboratory is studying the glycosylation and secretion process of mucins and biological functions involving mucins. This lab is also interested in receptor modulation mediated by glycosylation or through glycosphingolipids. We have a particular interest in understanding how mucin type O-glycosylation is regulated. Mucin type O-glycosylation is controlled by the ppGalNAc-transferase multigene family. An estimated 23 iso-forms belong to this family, so the specific involvement of each individual iso-form in any given organ seems complex to understand. An initial attempt to comprehend how this multigene family regulates mucin type O-glycosylation, is to get insight into which iso-forms are expressed in different organs and cell types. For this reason we have generated monoclonal antibodies towards 7 iso-forms, and the list of ppGalNAc-T iso-form specific monoclonals is currently growing. We have done some immuno histochemistry on lung using the available monoclonals, but are keen on assessing the number of ppGalNAc-T's expressed in lung as determined this Glyco-array. We have focused on lung because a number of ppGalNAc-T acceptor polypeptides, belonging to the mucin gene family, are expressed in this organ. An RNA sample pooled from two independent adult human healthy lung tissue samples was analyzed

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  

SUBMITTER: Steven Head   Hentik Clausen  Steven R Head 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-25712 | ArrayExpress | 2010-11-30



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