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ABSTRACT: In clinical organ transplantation complete cessation of immunosuppressive therapy can be successfully accomplished in selected recipients providing a proof-of-principle that allograft tolerance is attainable in humans. The intra-graft molecular pathways associated with human allograft tolerance, however, have not been comprehensively studied before. In this study we analyzed sequential liver tissue samples collected from liver recipients enrolled in a prospective multicenter immunosuppressive withdrawal clinical trial. Tolerant and non-tolerant recipients differed in the intra-graft expression of genes involved in the regulation of iron homeostasis.These results point to a critical role of iron homeostasis in the regulation of intra-graft alloimmune responses in humans and provide a set of novel biomarkers to conduct drug-weaning trials in liver transplantation. The complete database comprised the expression measurements of 48766 probes in liver biopsies. The liver biopsy specimens available for the study were obtained: a) before immunosuppressive drugs were discontinued from tolerant (TOL, n=24) and non-tolerant (Non-TOL, n=29) recipients; b) at the time of rejection from non-tolerant recipients (Non TOL REJ, n=18); In addition, liver tissue samples were also collected from the following control patient groups: a) liver transplant recipients with chronic hepatitis due to recurrent hepatitis C virus infection (HEPC, n=12); b) liver transplant recipients with typical acute cellular rejection taking place during the immediate post-transplant period (REJ, n=9); c) liver transplant recipients under maintenance immunosuppression with normal liver function and normal liver histology 1 year after transplantation (CONT-Tx, n=8); and d) non-transplanted patients undergoing surgery for colorectal liver metastases (CONT, n=10).

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  

SUBMITTER: J Pirenne   Juanjo Lozano  D Swinkels  M C Londoño  G Tisone  A Rimola  M López  C Benítez  A Sánchez-Fueyo  H Tjalsma  E Riani  J G Abraldes  J J Lozano  R Miquel  M Martínez-Llordella  F Bohne  T Manzia 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-26625 | ArrayExpress | 2012-01-09



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Following organ transplantation, lifelong immunosuppressive therapy is required to prevent the host immune system from destroying the allograft. This can cause severe side effects and increased recipient morbidity and mortality. Complete cessation of immunosuppressive drugs has been successfully accomplished in selected transplant recipients, providing proof of principle that operational allograft tolerance is attainable in clinical transplantation. The intra-graft molecular pathways associated  ...[more]

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