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Expression data from yeast strain VIN13 in pure-culture fermentations and in mixed fermentations with co-inoculated Oenococcus oeni strain S6

ABSTRACT: The yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae is an important component of the wine fermentation process and determines various attributes of the final product. However, lactic acid bacteria (LAB) are also an integral part of the microflora of any fermenting must. Various wine microorganism engineering projects have been endeavoured in the past in order to change certain wine characteristics, namely aroma compound composition, ethanol concentration, levels of toxic/ allergenic compounds etc. Most of these projects focus on a specific gene or pathway, whereas our approach aims to understand the genetically complex traits responsible for these phenotypes in a systematic manner by implementing a transcriptomic analysis of yeast in mixed fermentations with the LAB O. oeni. Our aim is to investigate interactions between yeast and LAB on a gene expression level to identify targets for modification of yeast and O. oeni in a directed manner. Our goal was to identify the impact that the common wine microorganism O. oeni (malolactic bacteria) has on fermenting yeast cells on a gene expression level. To this end we co-inoculated the yeast and bacteria at the start of fermentation in a synthetic wine must, using yeast-only fermentations witout O. oeni as a control. Fermentations were carried out in synthetic wine must in triplicate for both the control S. cerevisiae VIN13 strain and the mixed fermentation of VIN13 and O. oeni (strain S5). Sampling of yeast for RNA extractions were performed at day 3 of fermentation, during the exponential growth phase of the yeast cells, and again at day 7 of fermentation, during the early stationary growth phase.

SUBMITTER: Florian F Bauer   Debra Rossouw 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-27085 | ArrayExpress | 2011-06-02



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