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Transcription profiling by high throughput sequencing of reciprocal crosses of the two Arabidopsis thaliana accessions Col-0 and Bur-0

ABSTRACT: We report the identification of parent-of-origin specific gene expression in Arabidopsis seeds. F1 hybrid seeds were generated by reciprocally crossing Arabidopsis accessions Col-0 and Bur-0. Seeds were harvested at 4 DAP and total RNA was isolated and analyzed by deep sequencing. Overall identification of parent-of-origin-allelic expression by analysis of SNP distribution

ORGANISM(S): Arabidopsis thaliana  

SUBMITTER: Marc Rehmsmeier   Claudia Kohler 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-27292 | ArrayExpress | 2011-04-30



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High-resolution analysis of parent-of-origin allelic expression in the Arabidopsis Endosperm.

Wolff Philip P   Weinhofer Isabelle I   Seguin Jonathan J   Roszak Pawel P   Beisel Christian C   Donoghue Mark T A MT   Spillane Charles C   Nordborg Magnus M   Rehmsmeier Marc M   Köhler Claudia C  

PLoS genetics 20110616 6

Genomic imprinting is an epigenetic phenomenon leading to parent-of-origin specific differential expression of maternally and paternally inherited alleles. In plants, genomic imprinting has mainly been observed in the endosperm, an ephemeral triploid tissue derived after fertilization of the diploid central cell with a haploid sperm cell. In an effort to identify novel imprinted genes in Arabidopsis thaliana, we generated deep sequencing RNA profiles of F1 hybrid seeds derived after reciprocal c  ...[more]

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