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Genome-wide sequencing small RNAs in response to powdery mildew and heat stress in wheat

ABSTRACT: To test whether non-coding RNAs play roles in regulating response to powdery mildew infection and heat stress in wheat, by using Solexa high-throughput sequencing and computational analysis and experimental approach we cloned the small RNAs and identified 125 putative long npcRNAs from wheat leaves infected by preponderant physiological strain Erysiphe graminis f. sp. tritici (Egt) or by heat stress treatment. Among long non-coding RNAs, some were precursors of small RNAs such as microRNAs and siRNAs, two long npcRNAs were identified as signal recognition particle (SRP) 7S RNA variants, and three were characterized as U3 snoRNAs. Wheat long npcRNAs showed tissue dependent expression patterns and were responsive to powdery mildew infection and heat stress. Examination non-coding RNAs of 2 near isogenic lines 8866 (Susceptible) and Pm30 (Resistant) in response to powdery milew and two genotypes CK (insensitive) and TAM107 (insensitive) to heat. CK and TAM107 represent the same material in different treatments (no heat stress or 1hour after heat stress).

ORGANISM(S): Triticum aestivum  

SUBMITTER: mingming xin   Mingming Xin  Qixin Sun 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-27327 | ArrayExpress | 2011-02-15



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Identification and characterization of wheat long non-protein coding RNAs responsive to powdery mildew infection and heat stress by using microarray analysis and SBS sequencing.

Xin Mingming M   Wang Yu Y   Yao Yingyin Y   Song Na N   Hu Zhaorong Z   Qin Dandan D   Xie Chaojie C   Peng Huiru H   Ni Zhongfu Z   Sun Qixin Q  

BMC plant biology 20110407

<h4>Background</h4>Biotic and abiotic stresses, such as powdery mildew infection and high temperature, are important limiting factors for yield and grain quality in wheat production. Emerging evidences suggest that long non-protein coding RNAs (npcRNAs) are developmentally regulated and play roles in development and stress responses of plants. However, identification of long npcRNAs is limited to a few plant species, such as Arabidopsis, rice and maize, no systematic identification of long npcRN  ...[more]

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