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Comparison of gene expression profiles of normal human bronchial epithelial cells in 2D and 3D cultural conditions

ABSTRACT: The experiment is part of a project to study DNA repair process after ionizing radiation in organotypic 3-dimentional human bronchial epithlial cell culture. Human bronchial epithelial cells were grown in tissue culture flask (2D) or in matrics gel (3D). Three independent cultures were done for each condition.

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  

SUBMITTER: Lianghao Ding   John D Minna  Aroumougame Asaithamby  David J Chen  Oliver Delgado  Michael D Story  Jerry W Shay  Burong Hu 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-27520 | ArrayExpress | 2011-07-26



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Irreparable complex DNA double-strand breaks induce chromosome breakage in organotypic three-dimensional human lung epithelial cell culture.

Asaithamby Aroumougame A   Hu Burong B   Delgado Oliver O   Ding Liang-Hao LH   Story Michael D MD   Minna John D JD   Shay Jerry W JW   Chen David J DJ  

Nucleic acids research 20110318 13

DNA damage and consequent mutations initiate the multistep carcinogenic process. Differentiated cells have a reduced capacity to repair DNA lesions, but the biological impact of unrepaired DNA lesions in differentiated lung epithelial cells is unclear. Here, we used a novel organotypic human lung three-dimensional (3D) model to investigate the biological significance of unrepaired DNA lesions in differentiated lung epithelial cells. We showed, consistent with existing notions that the kinetics o  ...[more]

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