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Gene Expression Profiling of Listeria monocytogenes in monoculture and in co-culture state in the presence of Bacillus subtilis both as planktonic cells and in biofilms.

ABSTRACT: To understand the behaviour in terms of special genome components that are expressed by L.monocytogenes in the presence of another bacterium as may be the condition in its natural environments was our objective, for which we have used microarray gene expression at different time intervals of growth from 4hrs to 24 hrs. Expression of L.monocytogenes as co-cultures, both in broth culture state and biofilm state were differentiated to that of 24hrs pure broth culture. Also genes regulated for and during biofilm formation as pure cultures were identified with comparision to 24hrs pure broth culture. Distinguishing features with notable variation in all of the three sample sets as L.monocytogenes in pure culture biofilm, co-culture broth and co-culture biofilm were observable. Genes that are specifically up-regulated at each of growth condition and time interval were identified, genes regulated with ascending and descending patterns in time were also noticable. These variation in the gene expression gives an insight into the alterations in the biosynthetic and metabolic pathways under different states of growth Agilent one-color experiment,Organism: Listeria monocytogenes , Genotypic Technology Pvt. Ltd. designed Custom Microarray Listeria monocytogenes 8x15k (Agilent-30831) , Labeling kit: Agilent Quick-Amp labeling Kit (p/n5190-0442)

ORGANISM(S): Listeria monocytogenes J0161  

SUBMITTER: Soam Prakash   Prem S Tirumalai  PremSaran SoamPrakash Tirumalai 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-27936 | ArrayExpress | 2012-01-15



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