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Developmental transcriptomics of the model caterpillar fungus Cordyceps militaris

ABSTRACT: The RNA-Seq technique was used to investigate the differentially transcribed genes of the caterpillar fungus Cordyces militaris. It was calculated that >63% of total annotated genes were expressed, including >55% of putative pathogen-host interaction genes. Overall, the fruiting-body development and mycelium growth by C. militaris activated high expression levels of genes in association with translation and post-translational modifications. Otherwise, there were many differentially expressed genes when the fungus was grown on insect pupae to different stages or in liquid medium. In general, the transcriptional profiles were more similar with each other during fungal fruiting-body developmental stages than during growth in a liquid culture. Examination of differential gene expressions by Cordyceps militaris during fruiting-body developments on silkmoth pupae and growth in a liquid medium.

ORGANISM(S): Cordyceps militaris  

SUBMITTER: Chengshu Wang   Peng Zheng 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-28001 | ArrayExpress | 2011-11-08



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Genome sequence of the insect pathogenic fungus Cordyceps militaris, a valued traditional Chinese medicine.

Zheng Peng P   Xia Yongliang Y   Xiao Guohua G   Xiong Chenghui C   Hu Xiao X   Zhang Siwei S   Zheng Huajun H   Huang Yin Y   Zhou Yan Y   Wang Shengyue S   Zhao Guo-Ping GP   Liu Xingzhong X   St Leger Raymond J RJ   Wang Chengshu C  

Genome Biology 20111123 11

Species in the ascomycete fungal genus Cordyceps have been proposed to be the teleomorphs of Metarhizium species. The latter have been widely used as insect biocontrol agents. Cordyceps species are highly prized for use in traditional Chinese medicines, but the genes responsible for biosynthesis of bioactive components, insect pathogenicity and the control of sexuality and fruiting have not been determined.Here, we report the genome sequence of the type species Cordyceps militaris. Phylogenomic  ...[more]

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