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Comparative analysis of genomic features of human HIV-1 infection and primate models of SIV infection

ABSTRACT: High levels of HIV-1 replication during the chronic phase of infection are usually associated with rapid disease progression (RP). However, a minority of HIV-infected individuals remain asymptomatic and show persistently high CD4+ T cell counts despite high viremia for many years (viremic non progressors, VNP). The latter profile is reminiscent of the non-pathogenic model of SIV infection in natural hosts such as the sooty mangabey. We used various genomic approaches to examine 66 RP and 6 VNP defined according to strict criteria. RP were characterized by depletion of protective HLA alleles, enrichment of HLA alleles associated with disease progression, and a characteristic transcriptome profile of CD4+ and CD8+ T cells similar to that observed in pathogenic SIV infection of rhesus macaque. In contrast, VNPs presented lower expression of interferon stimulated genes than RP, and shared with SIV-infected sooty mangabeys a common profile of regulation of a set of genes that includes CASP1, CD38, LAG3, TNFSF13B, SOCS1 and EEF1D. The estimated 8% of RP and 0.1% of VNP in human cohorts represent two subsets of HIV-infected individuals whose analysis may inform our understanding of HIV pathogenesis. Selection criteria rapid progressors (RP): HIV seroconversion window <1 year WITH documented negative and positive serology or biological proof of primary infection. AND One of A) or B) A) >2 CD4+ T cell counts below 350 cells/µl within 3 years of seroconversion AND no subsequent rise of CD4+ T cells above 350 cells/µl in the absence of ART. B) ART initiated within 3 years of seroconversion AND CD4+ T cell count within 1 month of ART-start <350 cells/µl. Selection criteria viremic non progressors (VNP): > 3 years of follow-up AND median HIV viremia from >3 measurements >100'000 viral RNA copies/ml AND HIV viremia consistently above 10’000 copies/ml AND CD4+ T cell count above 350 cells/µl AND no ART during follow-up. Selection criteria elite/viremic controllers (EC): see Casado et al. 2010. Host and viral genetic correlates of clinical definitions of HIV-1 disease progression. PLoS ONE 5:e11079. Total RNA from 41 samples obtained from CD4 T cells from HIV infected individuals to identify associations between gene expression and different distinct patterns of disease progression Total RNA from 38 samples obtained from CD8 T cells from HIV infected individuals to identify associations between gene expression and different distinct

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  

SUBMITTER: Annelys Roque   Enos Bernasconi  Netanya G Sandler  Bernard Hirschel  Amalio Telenti  Patrick Descombes  Matthias Hoffmann  Julià Blanco  Judith Dalmau  Daniel Douek  Marta Massanella  Steve Bosinger  Itziar Erkizia  Paul de Bakker  Jacques Fellay  Andri Rauch  Jose M Miró  Eduard Palou  Manuel Battegay  Matthew Woods  Javier Martinez-Picado  Paul McLaren  Margalida Rotger  Julia Liebner  Raquel Martinez  Huldrych F Günthard  Guido Silvestri 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-28128 | ArrayExpress | 2011-06-03



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