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T cell dependent immune responses: B cell activation and differentiation Group1 Fo, Group2 GC1, Group3 GC2

ABSTRACT: Upon immunization with a T cell dependent antigen naive follicular B cells (Fo) are activated and a germinal center reaction is induced. Within the next 2 weeks large germinal centers develop where the process of affinity maturation takes place. To analyze the gene expression profile of resting and activated B cells, follicular B cells (Fo), B cells from early (GC1) and late germinal centers (GC2) were isolated and their gene expression profile compared. Gene expression profiles of Fo versus GC1 and GC2 B cells, respectively. Naïve Fo B cells were isolated from non-immunized BALB/c mice. Germinal center B cells sorted from spleen cell suspensions of BALB/-c mice immunized with the T cell dependent antigen 2-phenyl Oxazolone. GC1 B cells were isolated 7 days after primary immunization. GC2 cells were isolated 15 days after primary immunization. After total RNA extraction, reverse transcription, cDNA extraction, the biotinylated cRNA was transcribed, fragmented, and 15 µg cRNA hybridized in duplicates for each of the three groups to the GeneChip arrays. Group1: Fo, Group2: GC1, Group3: GC2. Lists of differentially regulated genes were created using High Performance Chip Data Analysis (HPCDA) with Bioretis database ( Worldwide data sharing is possible via Bioretis, please ask the authors.

ORGANISM(S): Mus Musculus

SUBMITTER: Gudrun Steinhauser   Claudia Berek  Joachim R. Grün  Joachim R Grün  Gordon Wilke 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-28237 | ArrayExpress | 2011-03-29



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In silico subtraction approach reveals a close lineage relationship between follicular dendritic cells and BP3(hi) stromal cells isolated from SCID mice.

Wilke Gordon G   Steinhauser Gudrun G   Grün Joachim J   Berek Claudia C  

European journal of immunology 20100801 8

Organization of the stromal compartments in secondary lymphoid tissue is a prerequisite for an efficient immune reaction. In particular, follicular dendritic cells (FDC) are pivotal for the activation and differentiation of B cells. To investigate the development of FDC, FDC together with tightly associated B cells (FDC networks) were micro-dissected from frozen tissue sections and follicular B cells were sorted by FACS. Using an in silico subtraction approach, gene expression of FDC was determi  ...[more]

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