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Characterization of AGO1-/AGO4-associated smRNAs

ABSTRACT: To fully characterize smRNAs associated with AGO1 and AGO4, we developed a two-step protocol to purify AGO/smRNA complexes from flowers, leaves, roots and seedlings with enhanced purity, and sequenced the smRNAs by Illumina’s technology. We identified some additional miRNAs, collateral miRNAs encoded in known miRNA precursors, phased smRNA clusters and nat-siRNAs. Organ specific sequencing provided digital expression profiles of all obtained smRNAs, especially miRNAs. We used extracts from Arabidopsis flowers, leaves and roots as well as ten-day old seedlings to purify smRNAs associated with AGO1 and AGO4 protein complexes using a two-step immunoprecipitation method.

ORGANISM(S): Arabidopsis thaliana  

SUBMITTER: Nam-Hai Chua   Thomas Tuschl  Tolulope Ojo  Xiu-Jie Wang  Markus Hafner  Jun Liu  Jongchan Woo  Takatoshi Kiba  Huan Wang  Xiuren Zhang 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-28591 | ArrayExpress | 2011-04-19



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Deep sequencing of small RNAs specifically associated with Arabidopsis AGO1 and AGO4 uncovers new AGO functions.

Wang Huan H   Zhang Xiuren X   Liu Jun J   Kiba Takatoshi T   Kiba Takatoshi T   Woo Jongchan J   Ojo Tolulope T   Hafner Markus M   Tuschl Thomas T   Chua Nam-Hai NH   Wang Xiu-Jie XJ  

The Plant journal : for cell and molecular biology 20110510 2

As important components of small RNA (smRNA) pathways, Argonaute (AGO) proteins mediate the interaction of incorporated smRNAs with their targets. Arabidopsis contains 10 AGO proteins with specialized or redundant functions. Among them, AGO1 mainly acts in microRNA (miRNA) and small-interfering RNA (siRNA) pathways for post-transcriptional gene silencing (PTGS), whereas AGO4 regulates transcriptional gene silencing (TGS) via endogenous 24-nucleotide (nt) smRNAs. To fully characterize smRNAs asso  ...[more]

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