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CD140a+ human glial progenitor cells

ABSTRACT: Glial progenitor cells (GPCs) pervade the human brain. These cells express gangliosides recognized by MAb A2B5, and some but not all can generate oligodendrocytes. Since some A2B5+ GPCs express PDGFa receptor (PDGFRa), which is critical to oligodendrocyte development, we asked if PDGFRa-directed sorting might isolate oligodendrocyte-competent progenitors. We used FACS to sort PDGFRa+ cells from the second trimester fetal human forebrain, based on expression of the PDGFRa epitope CD140a. CD140a+ cells could be maintained as mitotic progenitors that could be instructed to either oligodendrocyte or astrocyte phenotype. Transplanted CD140a+ cells robustly myelinated the hypomyelinated shiverer mouse brain. Microarray confirmed that CD140a+ cells differentially expressed PDGFRA, NG2, OLIG1/2, NKX2.2 and SOX2. Some expressed CD9, thereby defining a CD140a+/CD9+ fraction of oligodendrocyte-biased progenitors. CD140a+ cells differentially expressed genes of the PTN-PTPRZ1, wnt, notch and BMP pathways, suggesting the interaction of self-renewal and fate-restricting pathways in these cells, while identifying targets for their mobilization and instruction. 10 samples, 5 CD140a+, and 5 CD140a- sorted samples for individual fetal human brain

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  

SUBMITTER: Martha S Windrem   Tricia L Protack  Steven A Goldman  Steven Schanz  Crystal McClain  Fraser J Sim  Fraser James Sim 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-29368 | ArrayExpress | 2011-09-30



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