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Expression profile of 16C ovarian follicle cells

ABSTRACT: We use DSN normalized RNA-seq to transcriptionally profile FACS sorted 16C ovarian follicle cells. These data provide insights into the developmental control of gene expression programmed gene amplificaton. Follicle cells were isolated from whole ovaries by trypsinization and filtering and stained with Hoescht. 16C follicle cells were isolated by FACS sorting based on DNA content (Hoescht). RNA was extracted with TRIzol reagent and 100ng of total RNA and used to generate a total library. This library was then subjected to DSN normalization prior to Illumina based sequencing.

ORGANISM(S): Drosophila melanogaster  

SUBMITTER: Helena Kashevsky   Terry L Orr-Weaver  Sharon Li  Jared Nordman  Fang Xie  David MacAlpine  Thomas Eng  Jane Kim  Terry L. Orr-Weaver 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-29526 | ArrayExpress | 2011-05-27



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Integrative analysis of gene amplification in Drosophila follicle cells: parameters of origin activation and repression.

Kim Jane C JC   Nordman Jared J   Xie Fang F   Kashevsky Helena H   Eng Thomas T   Li Sharon S   MacAlpine David M DM   Orr-Weaver Terry L TL  

Genes & development 20110701 13

In metazoans, how replication origins are specified and subsequently activated is not well understood. Drosophila amplicons in follicle cells (DAFCs) are genomic regions that undergo rereplication to increase DNA copy number. We identified all DAFCs by comparative genomic hybridization, uncovering two new amplicons in addition to four known previously. The complete identification of all DAFCs enabled us to investigate these in vivo replicons with respect to parameters of transcription, localizat  ...[more]

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