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The role of glycans and glycosylation in cell-type specific effects on viral infectivity

ABSTRACT: Our lab has previously used the Glyco v3 gene-chip to analyze RNA from human macrophages and T-cells, as part of a project examining the effect of cellular origin on the viral infectivity of HIV/SIV. Our experiments have led us to hypothesize that the different glycosylation pathways present in macrophages and T-cells result in the production of virions with differently glycosylated viral proteins and different glycans present on the virion surface. Furthermore, studies with glycosidases using the Glyco v3 gene-chip have indicated that these differences in the glycosylation profiles of virions derived from different cell types may influence viral infectivity. Here we used glyco v3 chips for identifying the enzymes active in the glycosylation pathways of 174xCEM and 293 cells, which are cell types commonly used in HIV and SIV research. These analyses will allow us a better understanding of the role of glycans and glycosylation in cell-type specific effects on viral infectivity because there is a much larger amount of data on virus derived from these cell types and we will be able to relate our studies more directly to previous work in our lab and other labs. RNA from 174xCEM and HEK293 cells, cell types commonly used in HIV and SIV research, was isolated and sent to Microarray Core (E). RNA was prepared in duplicate, totaling 4 samples. Samples were labeled and hybridized to the GLYCOv3 array and gene expression patterns were used to identify enzymes active in glycosylation pathways.

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  

SUBMITTER: Steven Head   Howard S Fox  Steven R Head 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-29924 | ArrayExpress | 2011-06-14



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