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Detoxification activity and energy cost is attenuated in the whiteflies feeding on Tomato yellow leaf curl China virus-infected tobacco plants

ABSTRACT: We compared the transcriptional profiles of female adult whiteflies of B. tabaci Middle East-Asia Minor 1 feeding on TYLCCNV-free and TYLCCNV-infected tobacco plants using the next-generation sequencing technique. Culture of B (MEAM1 cryptic species) whitefly was maintained on cotton plants. One thousand of newly emerged adults of whitefly on cotton were released onto the leaves of healthy and viruliferous tobacco plants. After 72 h of oviposition, all the adult whiteflies were discarded, and the progeny allowed to develop to adults. The cultures of MEAM1 on tobacco plants were maintained in climate chambers at 27 ± 1°C, a photoperiod of 14 h light/10 h darkness and 70 ± 10% relative humidity. Approximately 1,000 female adult whiteflies newly emerged from mock-inoculated tobacco plants and 1,000 female adult whiteflies newly emerged from virus-infected tobacco plants were collected and stored at -80°C. The RNA was extracted and sequenced using Illunima Analyzer II.

ORGANISM(S): Bemisia tabaci  

SUBMITTER: Shu-Sheng Liu   Xiao-Wei Wang  Jun-Bo Luan  Xiaowei Wang 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-30409 | ArrayExpress | 2013-05-28



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