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Great Ape Copy Number Variation

ABSTRACT: Intra-specific polymorphism in copy number is documented in many organisms, including human and chimpanzee, but very little is known for other great apes. This study aims to provide CNVs data for orangutan, gorilla, bonobo and chimpanzee, and compare the CNV patterns among these species, as well as with human CNVs and segmental duplications from public databases. Each sample is hybridized against a common reference of the same species for two dye combinations (e.g. chimp1_CY5 vs chimpREF_Cy3; chimp1_CY3 vs chimpREF_Cy5; bonobo1_CY5 vs bonoboREF_Cy3; bonobo1_CY3 vs bonoboREF_Cy5;)

ORGANISM(S): Troglodytes troglodytes  

SUBMITTER: Natalia Petit-Marty   Arcadi Navarro  Mariano Rocchi  Oliver A Ryder  Carl Baker  Antoine Blancher  Elena Bosch  Fleur Darré  Carlos Morcillo-Suarez  Evan E Eichler  Urko M Marigorta  Angel Carreño  Elodie Gazave  Tomàs Marquès-Bonet 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-30559 | ArrayExpress | 2011-08-02



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