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Rice gene global expression analysis upon inoculation with different Magnaporthe isolates

ABSTRACT: Magnaporthe oryzae is the causative agent of the rice blast, the most relevant rice disease worldwide. To date expression analysis on rice infected with Magnaporthe oryzae have been carried out only with the strains FR13 (leaf) and Guy 11 (root). However different strains of Magnaporthe are present in the environment leading to different rice responses at molecular level. To gain more insight on the unknown molecular mechanisms activated by different Magnaporthe strains during rice defense, a global expression analysis was performed by using the GeneChip® Rice Genome Array. To identify rice genes differentially regulated upon infection by Magnaporthe isolates, inoculation with different strains were performed and samples were collected 24 hours post infection. RNA were obtained from leaf samples after inoculation of rice 2 week-old plantlets with the following strains: rice isolates Magnaporthe oryzae FR13 and CL367, non-adapted strain BR32, isolated from wheat, and Magnaporthe grisea BR29 isolated from crabgrass. Treated and control (mock) rice leaves (cv. Nipponbare) were collected 24 hours post inoculation. Three biological replicates for each interaction type and the corresponding mock were extracted and analysed independently with the GeneChip® Rice Genome Array.

ORGANISM(S): Oryza sativa  

SUBMITTER: Pamela Abbruscato   Odile Faivre-Rampant  PAMELA ABBRUSCATO  Marcello Del Corvo 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-30941 | ArrayExpress | 2012-03-26



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With the aim of identifying novel regulators of host and nonhost resistance to fungi in rice, we carried out a systematic mutant screen of mutagenized lines. Two mutant wrky22 knockout lines revealed clear-cut enhanced susceptibility to both virulent and avirulent Magnaporthe oryzae strains and altered cellular responses to nonhost Magnaporthe grisea and Blumeria graminis fungi. In addition, the analysis of the pathogen responses of 24 overexpressor OsWRKY22 lines revealed enhanced resistance ph  ...[more]

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