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CDNA array expression in cotton fiber secondary cell wall development from two germplasm lines that differ in fiber strength

ABSTRACT: Comparison of gene expression profiles in cotton fiber development (from 10 to 23 DPA) of two lines. Line 1 was excellent fiber strength, denoted with H; Line 2 was poor fiber strength, denoted withL. Analysis used H20 RNA as control samples for comparison to the experimental samples taken at 5, 10, 15 and 23 DPA. Indirect comparisons were made across multiple arrays with raw data pulled from different channels for data analysis and comparison to the control data.Cy3 and Cy5 dyes were used as follows:Set 1:H10-Cy5 vs H20-Cy3, Set 1(dye swap):H10-Cy3 vs H20-Cy5; Set 2:H15-Cy5 vs H20-Cy3,Set 2 (dya swap):H15-Cy3 vs H20-Cy5; Set 3:H23-Cy5 vs H20-Cy3, Set 3 (dya swap):H23-Cy3 vs H20-Cy5; Set 4:L10-Cy5 vs H20-Cy3, Set 4 (dya swap):L10-Cy3 vs H20-Cy5; Set 5:L15-Cy5 vs H20-Cy3, Set 5 (dya swap):L15-Cy3 vs H20-Cy5; Set 6:L20-Cy5 vs H20-Cy3, Set 6 (dya swap):L20-Cy3 vs H20-Cy5; Set 7:L23-Cy5 vs H20-Cy3, Set 7 (dya swap):L23-Cy3 vs H20-Cy5; Set 8:H20-Cy5 vs H20-Cy3.

ORGANISM(S): Gossypium hirsutum  

SUBMITTER: H Shang  Lu You Yuan   Z Ji   Y Yuan    

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-30944 | ArrayExpress | 2015-08-19



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