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Transcriptional profiling of cumulus cells entoured the oocyte after in vitro or in vivo maturation in bovine (Bos taurus)

ABSTRACT: In vitro maturation (IVM) of the oocytes is a routine method in bovine embryo production. The competence of bovine oocytes to develop into embryo after IVM and in vitro fertilization (IVF) is lower as compared to in vivo preovulatory oocytes. Cumulus cells (CC) that enclose an oocyte are involved in the acquisition of oocyte quality during maturation. Using transcriptomic approach we compared cumulus cells gene expression during IVM with that in vivo preovulatory period. Global transcriptional profiling was performed using cumulus cells collected from mature bovine oocytes (metaphase-II stage) after maturation performed either in vivo or in vitro. In vivo matured cumulus cells were collected from ovulatory follicles of Montbeliard adult cows by ovum pick-up in vivo (OPU, n=4). In vitro matured cumulus cells were recovered from the oocytes after 22h of in vitro culture of cumulus-oocyte complexes (50 COC per experiment) from 2-6 mm ovarian follicles of adult cows (MIV, n=4). Gene expression analysis was carried out between in vivo and in vitro matured cumulus representing a total of 8 slides (dye swap protocol)

ORGANISM(S): Bos taurus  

SUBMITTER: Catherine Guyader-Joly   Mohamad Salhab  Sylvain Auclair  Sophie Pollet  Christelle Hennequet-Antier  Svetlana Uzbekova  Svetlana UZBEKOVA 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-31261 | ArrayExpress | 2011-08-08



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