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Spider mite preliminary feeding experiment with mites reared on bean and two Arabidopsis thaliana accessions

ABSTRACT: We sequenced messenger RNA from mixed stages of the two-spotted spider mite (Tetranychus urticae) reared on bean (Phaseolus vulgaris cv California Red Kidney; the laboratory host plant for mites) and two Arabidopsis thaliana accessions which were considered to either be susceptible (Kondara) or resistant (Bla-2) to mite feeding. This pilot experiment was conducted to assess gene expression differences of mites grown on sensitive versus resistant Arabidopsis accessions, as well as differences in mites feeding on different host species. The expression data was used for gene model validation of genes predicted by EuGene in the spider mite genome and to assess gene expression levels. Examination of gene expression of spider mites reared on beans and two Arabidopsis accessions (Kondara and Bla-2).

ORGANISM(S): Tetranychus urticae  

SUBMITTER: Richard M Clark   Edward J Osborne 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-31525 | ArrayExpress | 2011-11-23



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The genome of Tetranychus urticae reveals herbivorous pest adaptations.

Grbić Miodrag M   Van Leeuwen Thomas T   Clark Richard M RM   Rombauts Stephane S   Rouzé Pierre P   Grbić Vojislava V   Osborne Edward J EJ   Dermauw Wannes W   Ngoc Phuong Cao Thi PC   Ortego Félix F   Hernández-Crespo Pedro P   Diaz Isabel I   Martinez Manuel M   Navajas Maria M   Sucena Élio É   Magalhães Sara S   Nagy Lisa L   Pace Ryan M RM   Djuranović Sergej S   Smagghe Guy G   Iga Masatoshi M   Christiaens Olivier O   Veenstra Jan A JA   Ewer John J   Villalobos Rodrigo Mancilla RM   Hutter Jeffrey L JL   Hudson Stephen D SD   Velez Marisela M   Yi Soojin V SV   Zeng Jia J   Pires-daSilva Andre A   Roch Fernando F   Cazaux Marc M   Navarro Marie M   Zhurov Vladimir V   Acevedo Gustavo G   Bjelica Anica A   Fawcett Jeffrey A JA   Bonnet Eric E   Martens Cindy C   Baele Guy G   Wissler Lothar L   Sanchez-Rodriguez Aminael A   Tirry Luc L   Blais Catherine C   Demeestere Kristof K   Henz Stefan R SR   Gregory T Ryan TR   Mathieu Johannes J   Verdon Lou L   Farinelli Laurent L   Schmutz Jeremy J   Lindquist Erika E   Feyereisen René R   Van de Peer Yves Y  

Nature 20111123 7374

The spider mite Tetranychus urticae is a cosmopolitan agricultural pest with an extensive host plant range and an extreme record of pesticide resistance. Here we present the completely sequenced and annotated spider mite genome, representing the first complete chelicerate genome. At 90 megabases T. urticae has the smallest sequenced arthropod genome. Compared with other arthropods, the spider mite genome shows unique changes in the hormonal environment and organization of the Hox complex, and al  ...[more]

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