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Gene Expression Changes In potato Tuber Meristems Treated with the Sprout Inhibitor 1,4-dimethylnapthlene

ABSTRACT: The suppression of sprout growth is critical for the long-term storage of potato tubers. 1,4-dimethylenapthlene (DMN) is a new class of sprout control agent but the metabolic mode of action for this compound has yet to be elucidated. Changes in transcriptional profiles of meristems isolated from potato tubers treated with the DMN were investigated using an Agilent 44K 60-mer-oligo microarray. RNA was isolated from nondormant Russet Burbank meristems isolated from tubers treated with DMN for three days or activated charcoal as a control. RNA was used to develop probes that were hybridized against a microarray developed by the Potato Oligo Chip Initiative (POCI). Analysis of the array data was conducted in two stages: total array data was examined using a linear model and the software limma and pathway analysis was conducted by linking the potato sequences to the Arabidopsis thaliana. DMN elicited a change in a number of transcripts associated with cold responses, water regulation, salt stress and osmotic adjustment. Additionally, repression of auxin signaling and transport were observed in DMN-treated tubers, and connections between DMN treatment and repression of FT through mi156 regulation were indicated. DMN also resulted in a repression of cyclin or cyclin-like transcripts. DMN also resulted in a 50% decrease in thymidine incorporation suggesting a repression of the S-phase of the cell cycle. QT-PCR analysis demonstrated that DMN increased transcripts for the cell cycle inhibitors KRP1 and KRP2. We conclude the DMN results in alteration of genes associated with cold responses and water regulation and maintenance of a G1/S-phase block possibly through the induction of the cell cycle inhibitors KRP1 andKRP2. Twelve samples, four treatments, three biological replicates Non dormant meristems as control (Control-rep), meristems isolated from tubers treated with water for three days (Control3Days-rep), meristems treated with DMN for three days (DMN3Days-rep), meristems treated with DMN for three days and then vented to the air for two days (DMN3Days-2Out-rep).

ORGANISM(S): Solanum tuberosum  

SUBMITTER: Alyssa Gleichsner   Lindsay Hilldorfer  Jeffrey Suttle  David Horvath  Michael A Campbell 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-31825 | ArrayExpress | 2012-01-01



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