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Jarid1b targets genes regulating development and is involved in neural differentiation [ChIP-seq]

ABSTRACT: We analyzed the genome-wide binding profile of Jarid1b in mouse ESCs. We find that Jarid1b localizes mainly to transcription start sites, of which more than 50% are also bound by Polycomb proteins and are enriched for genes encoding developmental regulators. Furthermore, we generated genome-wide mapping of H3K4me3 in LKO Scramble and LKO Jarid1b mouse ESCs. Virtually all Jarid1b binding sites are positive for H3K4me3. Upon knockdown of Jarid1b, H3K4me3 is significantly increased at Jarid1b positive regions. Examination of Jarid1b and H3K4me3 in mouse ES cells

ORGANISM(S): Mus musculus  

SUBMITTER: Sandra Ursula Schmitz  

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-31966 | ArrayExpress | 2011-10-26



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Jarid1b targets genes regulating development and is involved in neural differentiation.

Schmitz Sandra U SU   Albert Mareike M   Malatesta Martina M   Morey Lluis L   Johansen Jens V JV   Bak Mads M   Tommerup Niels N   Abarrategui Iratxe I   Helin Kristian K  

The EMBO journal 20111101 22

H3K4 methylation is associated with active transcription and in combination with H3K27me3 thought to keep genes regulating development in a poised state. The contribution of enzymes regulating trimethylation of lysine 4 at histone 3 (H3K4me3) levels to embryonic stem cell (ESC) self-renewal and differentiation is just starting to emerge. Here, we show that the H3K4me2/3 histone demethylase Jarid1b (Kdm5b/Plu1) is dispensable for ESC self-renewal, but essential for ESC differentiation along the n  ...[more]

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