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Comparison of Sox9-EGFP cell type transcriptomes during irradiation-induced crypt regeneration

ABSTRACT: Transcriptional profiling of intestinal epithelial cells expressing either Negative, Sublow, Low or High levels of the Sox9-EGFP reporter transgene FACS-isolated from jejunum of non-irradiated mice or at 5 days after 14Gy abdominal irradiation. 4 distinct cell populations, FACS-isolated based on expression levels of the Sox9-EGFP reporter transgene (Sox9-EGFP Negative, Sublow, Low and High cells); 2 conditions: Non-irradiated vs Irradiated; Biological replicates: 7 independent non-irradiated mice and 3 independent irradiated (studied at day 5 post-irradiation) mice

ORGANISM(S): Mus musculus  

SUBMITTER: P. Kay Lund   Laurianne Van Landeghem  P K Lund  Amanda T Mah 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-32227 | ArrayExpress | 2012-06-17



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Activation of two distinct Sox9-EGFP-expressing intestinal stem cell populations during crypt regeneration after irradiation.

Van Landeghem Laurianne L   Santoro M Agostina MA   Krebs Adrienne E AE   Mah Amanda T AT   Dehmer Jeffrey J JJ   Gracz Adam D AD   Scull Brooks P BP   McNaughton Kirk K   Magness Scott T ST   Lund P Kay PK  

American journal of physiology. Gastrointestinal and liver physiology 20120223 10

Recent identification of intestinal epithelial stem cell (ISC) markers and development of ISC reporter mice permit visualization and isolation of regenerating ISCs after radiation to define their functional and molecular phenotypes. Previous studies in uninjured intestine of Sox9-EGFP reporter mice demonstrate that ISCs express low levels of Sox9-EGFP (Sox9-EGFP Low), whereas enteroendocrine cells (EEC) express high levels of Sox9-EGFP (Sox9-EGFP High). We hypothesized that Sox9-EGFP Low ISCs wo  ...[more]

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