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Lineage relationship in human dendritic cells - cDNA arrays

ABSTRACT: The lineage relationships and fate of human blood and tissue dendritic cells (DC) has significance for a number of diseases including HIV where both blood and tissue DC may be infected. We used gene expression profiling of monocyte and DC sub-populations sorted directly from blood and skin and compared this to monocyte derived DC (MDDC) and MUTZ3 Langerhans cells (LCs) to define the lineage relationships. Hierarchical clustering analysis showed that plasmacytoid DCs formed the most discrete cluster. The ex vivo derived myeloid cells formed two separate clusters of cells derived from blood, and skin. Separate and specific DC populations could be determined within the sub-clusters. During overnight culture CD14+ dermal DCs (DDC) converted to CD1a+ expressing cells in situ consistent with origin of the CD1a+ DDC from a local precursor rather than from circulating blood DC or monocyte precursors. The in vitro derived MDDC and MUTZ3 populations grouped within the skin DC cluster and MDDCs clustered most closely to CD14+ DDC consistent with the proposed similarity between these two cell types. We identified differential expression of novel genes in particular DC subsets including genes related to DC surface receptors (including C-type lectin receptors, toll-like receptors and galectins). Total RNA was extracted and hybridised to 62 cDNA arrays. Dendritic cells and monocytes from human blood and skin using magnetic bead and flow cytometry based cell sorting both before and after culture for 24 hours

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  

SUBMITTER: Sharon R Lewin   Andrew N Harman  Chris Robert Bye  Chris R Bye  Kerrie J Sandgren  Najla Nasr  Paul U Cameron  Anthony L Cunningham  Sarah K Mercier 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-32648 | ArrayExpress | 2011-12-01



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