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Genome sequencing and transcriptional profiling of the insect biocontrol fungus Beauveria bassiana

ABSTRACT: Insect pathogenic fungus Beauveria bassiana in one of the best studied insect biocontrol fungus, which infects insects by cuticle penetration. After breaking the cuticles, the fungus will propagate in insect hemocoel and kill insect hosts. It has also been found that the mycelia of B. bassiana can penetrate plant tissues to reach insect inside plant, e.g. corn borer (Ostrinia furnacalis), but do not cause damage to plants. The mechanism of fungal physiological plasticity is poorly understood. To accompany our genome sequencing work of B. bassiana strain ARSEF 2860, fungal transcriptional responses to different niches were studied using an Illumina RNA_seq technique. To examine fungal response to insect cuticle, conidia were inoculated on locust hind wings for 24 hours before used for RNA extraction. To evaluate fungal adaptation to insect hemocole, the fifth instar larvae of cotton bollworms were injected with spore suspension and fungal cells isolated by centrifugation in a step gradient buffer. To unveil the mechanism of interaction with plants, the fungus was grown in corn root exudates for 24 hours. After RNA sequencing, around three million tags were acquired for each sample and fungal transcriptional profiles were compared. Unveiling gene differential expression patterns when the insect biocontrol fungus Beauveria bassiana grown in insect hemocoel, corn root exudates and on insect cuticles.

ORGANISM(S): Beauveria bassiana  

SUBMITTER: Chengshu Wang   Peng Zheng 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-32699 | ArrayExpress | 2012-07-10



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Genomic perspectives on the evolution of fungal entomopathogenicity in Beauveria bassiana.

Xiao Guohua G   Ying Sheng-Hua SH   Zheng Peng P   Wang Zheng-Liang ZL   Zhang Siwei S   Xie Xue-Qin XQ   Shang Yanfang Y   St Leger Raymond J RJ   Zhao Guo-Ping GP   Wang Chengshu C   Feng Ming-Guang MG  

Scientific reports 20120702

The ascomycete fungus Beauveria bassiana is a pathogen of hundreds of insect species and is commercially produced as an environmentally friendly mycoinsecticide. We sequenced the genome of B. bassiana and a phylogenomic analysis confirmed that ascomycete entomopathogenicity is polyphyletic, but also revealed convergent evolution to insect pathogenicity. We also found many species-specific virulence genes and gene family expansions and contractions that correlate with host ranges and pathogenic s  ...[more]

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