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Expression profiles of water deficit stress (WDS) regulated genes in rose petals

ABSTRACT: Water deficit stress (WDS) is a crucial factor that causes the inhibition of petal expansion and abnormal flower opening in rose. The regulatory mechanisms of petal expansion by WDS at transcriptional level were investigated by analysis expression profiles under WDS. Analysis used total RNA samples of petals taken from flowers treated by WDS comparison to those from control flowers. Transcriptome dynamics during treatment time responsive to WDS.

ORGANISM(S): Rosa hybrid cultivar  

SUBMITTER: Changqing Zhang   Junping Gao  Fanwei Dai 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-33217 | ArrayExpress | 2013-01-09



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RhNAC2 and RhEXPA4 are involved in the regulation of dehydration tolerance during the expansion of rose petals.

Dai Fanwei F   Zhang Changqing C   Jiang Xinqiang X   Kang Mei M   Yin Xia X   Lü Peitao P   Zhang Xiao X   Zheng Yi Y   Gao Junping J  

Plant physiology 20121023 4

Dehydration inhibits petal expansion resulting in abnormal flower opening and results in quality loss during the marketing of cut flowers. We constructed a suppression subtractive hybridization library from rose (Rosa hybrida) flowers containing 3,513 unique expressed sequence tags and analyzed their expression profiles during cycles of dehydration. We found that 54 genes were up-regulated by the first dehydration, restored or even down-regulated by rehydration, and once again up-regulated by th  ...[more]

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