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Expression profiles of embryo-defective Arabidopsis thaliana mutants increased size exclusion limit1 (ise1) and ise2

ABSTRACT: We use Arabidopsis thaliana embryogenesis as a model system for studying intercellular transport via plasmodesmata (PD). A forward genetic screen for altered PD transport identified ise1 and ise2 mutants with increased intercellular transport of fluorescent 10-kDa tracers. Both ise1 and ise2 exhibit increased formation of twinned and branched PD. ISE1 encodes a mitochondrial DEAD-box RNA helicase, while ISE2 encodes a DEVH-type RNA helicase. Here we show that ISE2 foci are localized to the chloroplast stroma. Surprisingly, plastid development is defective in both ise1 and ise2 mutant embryos. In an effort to understand how RNA helicases that localize to different organelles have similar impacts on plastid and PD development/function we performed whole genome expression analyses. The most significantly affected class of transcripts in both mutants encodes products that target to and enable plastid function. These results reinforce the importance of plastid-mitochondria-nucleus crosstalk, add PD as a critical player in the plant cell communication network, and thereby illuminate a new signaling pathway, dubbed organelle-nucleus-plasmodesmata signaling (ONPS). Several genes with roles in cell wall synthesis and modification are also differentially expressed in both mutants, providing new targets for investigating PD development and function. Three biological replicates each of either ise1 or ise2 mutant seeds vs. sister wild-type controls

ORGANISM(S): Arabidopsis thaliana  

SUBMITTER: Patricia Zambryski   Tessa Burch-Smith  Patricia C Zambryski  Jacob O Brunkard 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-33558 | ArrayExpress | 2011-11-09



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