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Expression data from mouse intestine: BALB/c MTHFR+/+ on control diet vs BALB/c MTHFR+/- on folate deficient diet

ABSTRACT: Previous studies in our laboratory have shown that low folate diet (control diet with 2mg folate/kg, low folate diet with 0.3mg folate/kg) can induce intestinal tumors in BALB/c mice. We used microarrays to compare MTHFR+/+ BALB/c mice fed control diet and MTHFR+/- BALB/c mice fed low folate diet. After weaning, 4 BALB/c Mthfr +/+ mice were fed with a control diet (CD, 2mg folate/kg) and 4 BALB/c Mthfr +/- mice were fed a low folate diet (FD, 0.3mg folate/kg) for 1 year. Both diets contain succinylsulfanthiozole (1%) to prevent folate synthesis by intestine microbial biota.


ORGANISM(S): Mus musculus  

SUBMITTER: YuanHang Cao   Daniel Leclerc 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-34011 | ArrayExpress | 2013-12-03



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Genes with aberrant expression in murine preneoplastic intestine show epigenetic and expression changes in normal mucosa of colon cancer patients.

Leclerc Daniel D   Lévesque Nancy N   Cao Yuanhang Y   Deng Liyuan L   Wu Qing Q   Powell Jasmine J   Sapienza Carmen C   Rozen Rima R  

Cancer prevention research (Philadelphia, Pa.) 20131029 11

An understanding of early genetic/epigenetic changes in colorectal cancer would aid in diagnosis and prognosis. To identify these changes in human preneoplastic tissue, we first studied our mouse model in which Mthfr⁺/⁻ BALB/c mice fed folate-deficient diets develop intestinal tumors in contrast to Mthfr⁺/⁺ BALB/c mice fed control diets. Transcriptome profiling was performed in normal intestine from mice with low or high tumor susceptibility. We identified 12 upregulated and 51 downregulated gen  ...[more]

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