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The transcription factor CDX2 maintains active enhancer in intestinal villus cells in vivo (expression data)

ABSTRACT: We established whether partner transcription factor binding, chromatin structure, or gene expression is compromised upon loss of partner factors cdx2 or hnf4a in mouse intestinal villi This metadata file describes the gene expression componant of that data Intestinal epithelia were collected from mouse jejunum using EDTA-based chelation and RNA was made using trizol. RNA was checked for quality and then processed for affymetrix arrays, 430 2.0.


ORGANISM(S): Mus musculus  

SUBMITTER: Michael Verzi   X S Liu  Ramesh A Shivdasani  Hyunjin Shin  Michael P Verzi 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-34567 | ArrayExpress | 2013-02-05



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Intestinal master transcription factor CDX2 controls chromatin access for partner transcription factor binding.

Verzi Michael P MP   Shin Hyunjin H   San Roman Adrianna K AK   Liu X Shirley XS   Shivdasani Ramesh A RA  

Molecular and cellular biology 20121105 2

Tissue-specific gene expression requires modulation of nucleosomes, allowing transcription factors to occupy cis elements that are accessible only in selected tissues. Master transcription factors control cell-specific genes and define cellular identities, but it is unclear if they possess special abilities to regulate cell-specific chromatin and if such abilities might underlie lineage determination and maintenance. One prevailing view is that several transcription factors enable chromatin acce  ...[more]

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