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Small Marine Neurotoxin Elicits Common Antibody Response in Zebrafish and Sea Lions

ABSTRACT: The neurotoxic amino acid, domoic acid, is naturally produced by marine phytoplankton and presents a significant health threat to marine mammal and human populations. Currently, diagnostic tools to assess exposure are not available, yet concerns regarding health impacts associated with low-level repetitive exposure are growing. Here we applied a laboratory zebrafish model to assess exposure to asymptomatic doses of domoic acid in a nine-month low-level repetitive exposure study. Blood analyses, whole brain gene expression, and functional lymphocyte proliferation assays analyzed at 11 time points revealed a quantifiable antibody response that was temporally correlated with upregulated immune response genes and significantly increased spontaneous lymphocyte proliferation. The antibody response was further validated in field exposed California sea lions and provides the first biomarker for chronic exposure assessment. Time series domoic acid exposure of zebrafish.

ORGANISM(S): Danio rerio  

SUBMITTER: David J Marcinek   Theodor K Bammler  Kathi A Lefebvre  Richard Beyer  Elizabeth R Frame  Emma Hiolski  Richard P Beyer 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-34716 | ArrayExpress | 2013-01-03



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The neurotoxic amino acid, domoic acid (DA), is naturally produced by marine phytoplankton and presents a significant threat to the health of marine mammals, seabirds and humans via transfer of the toxin through the foodweb. In humans, acute exposure causes a neurotoxic illness known as amnesic shellfish poisoning characterized by seizures, memory loss, coma and death. Regular monitoring for high DA levels in edible shellfish tissues has been effective in protecting human consumers from acute DA  ...[more]

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