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Dataset Information


Genome wide analysis of FOXO3 transcription regulation through RNA pol II profiling

ABSTRACT: FOXO transcription factors are key players in diverse cellular processes affecting tumorigenesis, stem cell maintenance and lifespan. To gain insight into mechanisms of FOXO regulated target gene expression, we studied genome-wide effects of FOXO3 activation. Profiling RNA polymerase II changes shows FOXO3 regulates gene expression through transcription initiation. Correlative analysis of FOXO3 and RNA polymerase II ChIP-seq profiles demonstrates FOXO3 to act as a transcriptional activator. Furthermore, this analysis reveals a significant part of FOXO3 gene regulation proceeds through enhancer regions. FOXO3 binds to pre-existing enhancers and further activates these enhancers as shown by changes in histone acetylation and RNA polymerase II recruitment. In addition, FOXO3-mediated enhancer activation correlates with regulation of adjacent genes and pre-existence of chromatin loops between FOXO3 bound enhancers and target genes. Combined, our data elucidate how FOXOs regulate gene transcription and provide insight into mechanisms by which FOXOs can induce different gene expression programs depending on chromatin architecture. Paper with published gene expression: PMID 22139133. Examination of FOXO3 binding and changes in RNAPII occupancy (0, 4, 24 hours after induction) in colorectal cell line

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  

SUBMITTER: Edwin Cuppen   Wouter de Laat  Michal Mokry  Paulien Polderman  Boudewijn M Burgering  Elzo de Wit  Almut Schulze  Astrid Eijkelenboom 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-35486 | ArrayExpress | 2012-11-15



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