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Transcription profiling of mouse follicular and marginal zone B-cells

ABSTRACT: Immature B cells in spleens of mouse and human differentiate into at least two subsets of mature B cells, the follicular (FO) B cells and the marginal zone (MZ) B cells, but functions, maturation and other properties of these cells are largely unknown. To solve these questions, in this study, we performed transcriptome analyses of FO and MZ B cells sorted from spleens of normal unimmunized mice using gene chips. By comparison of gene expression profiles between FO and MZ B cells, we identified 1226 genes that are expressed higher in FO B cells than in MZ B cells. On the other hand, 1734 genes were found to be expressed higher in MZ B cells than in FO B cells. We noticed that some of differentially expressed genes have been reportedly characterized in FO and MZ B cells, suggesting the reliability of the analysis. By using FACS analyses, we confirmed that CD36, CD68, and CD49e are expressed on MZ B-cells but not on FO B-cells. These results revealed new phenotypic and functional properties of FO and MZ B cells, and set a molecular basis for further studying differentiation and functions of these mature B cells. Experiment Overall Design: one follicular B cells replicate and one marginal zone B cells replicate were analyzed.


SUBMITTER: ping zhang 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-3599 | ArrayExpress | 2008-06-12



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Identification of CD36 as a new surface marker of marginal zone B cells by transcriptomic analysis.

Zhang Ping P   Li Wei W   Wang Yaochun Y   Hou Lihong L   Xing Ying Y   Qin Hongyan H   Wang Jishu J   Liang Yingmin Y   Han Hua H  

Molecular immunology 20060417 4

Follicular (FO) B cells and marginal zone (MZ) B cells belong to the mature B cell population in spleen of mice. To identify new surface markers of these mature B cell subsets, we compared gene expression profiles of FO and MZ B cells by DNA microarray using FACS-sorted mouse FO and MZ B cells. From 14,000 mouse genes, 27 membrane proteins were expressed mainly in MZ B cells while another 22 membrane proteins expressed largely in FO B cells. Using FACS analysis, we identified that CD36, CD68, an  ...[more]

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