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Expression data from 0dpa ovules of GhHD-1 silenced and over-expression transgenic cotton lines

ABSTRACT: Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) fibres are specialised trichomes that extend from the seedcoat. To date only a few genes directly involved in the differentiation of these epidermal cells have been identified. We have identified a HD-ZIP transcription factor, GhHD-1, expressed in trichomes and early fibres that might play a role in cotton fibre initiation. Here we characterise GhHD-1 from G. hirsutum and show, using reporter constructs and qRT-PCR, that they are expressed predominantly in epidermal tissues during early fibre development and in other tissues bearing epidermal trichomes. GhHD-1 silencing caused reduced trichome formation and delayed the timing of fibre initiation whereas constitutive over-expression of GhHD-1 increased the number of fibres initiating on the seed, but did not affect leaf trichomes. Expression of GhHD-1 in transgenic cotton silenced for different fibre MYBs suggest that in ovules it acts downstream of GhMYB25-like. Microarray analysis of silencing and over-expression lines of GhHD-1 indicated that it potentially functions through a WRKY transcription factor and calcium-signalling pathway genes that are shared with some biotic stress reactions. Microarray analysis of 2 biological replicates each of GhHD-1 silenced and over-expression transgenic lines relative to wild-type were used to identify downstream targets of this transcription factor during early fibre development. 0 dpa (Days post anthesis) ovules from GhHD-1 silenced and over-expression lines and wild-type cotton plants were selected for RNA extraction and hybridisation on Affymetrix cotton arrays. Cotton fibre development initiates on the epidermal surface of each ovule within a cotton boll on the day of flowering and GhHD-1 has been shown to be most highly expressed at this stage (0 dpa). Ovules were obtained from 0dpa flowers for hybridisation to cotton arrays to identify genes that may be regulated by GhHD-1 during this early fibre development stage (initiation).

ORGANISM(S): Gossypium hirsutum  

SUBMITTER: Yingru Wu   Danny Llewellyn  Sally-Ann Walford  Sally Ann Walford  Elizabeth Dennis 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-36021 | ArrayExpress | 2012-05-31



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