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North American Brain Expression Consortium: DNA Methylation

ABSTRACT: A fundamental challenge in the post-genome era is to understand and annotate the consequences of genetic variation, particularly within the context of human tissues. We describe a set of integrated experiments designed to investigate the effects of common genetic variability on DNA methylation and mRNA expression distinct human brain regions. We show that brain tissues may be readily distinguished based on methylation status or expression profile. We find an abundance of genetic cis regulation mRNA expression and show for the first time abundant quantitative trait loci for DNA CpG methylation. We observe that the largest magnitude effects occur across distinct brain regions. We believe these data, which we have made publicly available, will be useful in understanding the biological effects of genetic variation. Authorized Access data: Mapping of GEO sample accessions to dbGaP subject/sample IDs is available through dbGaP Authorized Access, see Because of our interest in genomic regulation of expression and neurological disorders we embarked upon a series of experiments to provide a brain region-specific contextual framework for genetic and epigenetic regulation of gene expression. We obtained frozen brain tissue from the cerebellum and frontal cortex from 318 subjects (total 724 tissue samples).

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  

TISSUE(S): Cerebellum, Frontal Cortex

SUBMITTER: Dena G Hernandez   Jesse R Gibbs  Luigi Ferrucci  Richard O'Brien  Sampath Arepalli  Dan L Longo  Juan Troncoso  Allisa Dillman  Andrew B Singleton  Bryan J Traynor  Mark R Cookson  J Raphael Gibbs  Michael A Nalls  Marcel P van der Brug  Robert Walker  Alan Zonderman  H R Zielke  Robert Johnson 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-36194 | ArrayExpress | 2012-05-08



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