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Expression analysis of Antirrhinum majus cv. Maryland True Pink (snapdragon) petals and sepals at different stages of flower development

ABSTRACT: Investigation of gene expression level changes in snapdragon petals and sepals during flower development The flower developmental stages analyzed in this study are representative of distinct developmental events: (i) preanthesis, (ii) anthesis, (iii) maturation and (iv) presenescence and are further described in the accompanying article. A 24 chip study using total RNA recovered from samples of petal and sepal tissue of Antirrhinum majus cv. Maryland True Pink harvested at four different stages of flower development, namely (i) preanthesis (three days before flower opening=d-3), (ii) anthesis (day of flower opening=d1), (iii) maturation (four days after flower opening=d4) and (iv) presenescence (seven days after flower opening=d7). Three separate samples were extracted per tissue and developmental stages. Each chip measures the expression level of 11,959 ESTs from Antirrhinum majus cv. Maryland True Pink with up to six 60-mer probes per target.

ORGANISM(S): Antirrhinum majus  

SUBMITTER: Joëlle K Muhlemann   Hiroshi Maeda  Natalia Dudareva 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-36356 | ArrayExpress | 2012-06-06



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