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Growth phase dependent gene expression and motility_3 time courses

ABSTRACT: The microarrays for the three time course experiments described in the publication titled "Gene expression profiling of Helicobacter pylori reveals a growth phase dependent switch in virulence gene expression". TC1 refers to the first time course investigating gene expression changes over the time course of growth while TC2 refers to the second time course. TC Motility_broth refers to the third time course described in the manuscript used to investigate the concurrent changes in motility and the expression of the genes in the flagellar regulon. Detailed description of the growth of H. pylori for these 3 time courses can be found in the Materials and Methods section of the manuscript along with the exact filtering criteria used to download the data from these arrays. Note that in all three time courses the data for each array were transformed after download such that the abundance of each gene's transcript represented by a given spot was relative to the level of that transcript at the 6 h time point. Also duplicate spots for each ORF on the microarray were averaged for analysis after transformation. Groups of assays that are related as part of a time series. Computed

ORGANISM(S): Helicobacter pylori  

SUBMITTER: Stanford Microarray Database   Lucinda Thompson 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-3636 | ArrayExpress | 2005-11-21



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Gene expression profiling of Helicobacter pylori reveals a growth-phase-dependent switch in virulence gene expression.

Thompson Lucinda J LJ   Merrell D Scott DS   Neilan Brett A BA   Mitchell Hazel H   Lee Adrian A   Falkow Stanley S  

Infection and immunity 20030501 5

The global pattern of growth-phase-dependent gene expression of Helicobacter pylori during in vitro culture was analyzed by using a high-density DNA microarray. To detect consistent coordinated gene expression in this bacterium, temporal changes in transcription were assessed in two independent time courses. Cluster analysis of the expression profiles highlighted a major switch in gene expression during the late log-to-stationary phase transition that we have termed the Log-Stat switch. Statisti  ...[more]

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