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Transcriptional profiling of turkey muscle satellite cells transfected with MGP-siRNA during proliferation and differentiation

ABSTRACT: In this study, we directly compared turkey muscle satellite cell gene expression between satellite cells with the gene Matrix Gla Protein (MGP) knocked down by siRNA transfection and those transfected with a lipofectamine control using our 6K Turkey Skeletal Muscle Long Oligo (TSKMLO) microarray (GPL9788). The MGP gene was previously identified as differentially expressed by genetic line and during development of turkey skeletal muscle (Sporer et al., 2011). Gene expression changes were investigated in satellite cells after 72 h of proliferation and after 48 h of differentiation. We identified novel candidate genes and pathways as playing potentially crucial roles in the MGP-mediated effects on the normal processes of proliferation and differentiation in turkey satellite cells previously identified by Velleman et al. (submitted). This experiment was designed to investigate the role of MGP expression in turkey satellite cells during two crucial processes in muscle development: proliferation and differentiation. Satellite cells were isolated from 7-week-old turkeys from the RBC2 line. Cells were transfected with either MGP siRNA or a lipofectamine control; MGP expression was knocked down by over 50% with siRNA transfection (Velleman et al., submitted). Satellite cells were then induced to proliferate for 72h or differentiate for 48h; culture plates from each stage (n=4) were frozen until RNA extraction. Microarrays directly compared the MGP -knockdown to control from each of 4 culture plates and utilized a dye swap to equal 8 arrays for each of the cell developmental stages, proliferation and differentiation, and 16 arrays for the overall experiment investigating the role of MGP expression in satellite cell development and function. Hybridizations were performed in random order.

ORGANISM(S): Meleagris gallopavo  

SUBMITTER: Gale M Strasburg   Robert J Tempelman  Kelly R Sporer  Sandra G Velleman 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-36362 | ArrayExpress | 2012-05-31



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