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Comparative Transcriptional Profiling of the Axolotl Limb Identifies a Tripartite Regeneration-Specific Gene Program

ABSTRACT: Identifying the genetic program that induces limb regeneration in salamanders is an important resource for regenerative medicine, which currently lacks tools to promote regeneration of functional body structures. The genetic network underlying limb regeneration has been elusive due to the complexity of the injury response that occurs concomitant to blastema formation. Here we performed parallel expression profile time courses of non-regenerative lateral wounds versus amputated limbs in axolotl. We show that limb regeneration occurs in three distinguishable phases--early wound healing followed by a transition phase leading to establishment of the limb development program. By focusing on the transition phase, we identified 93 strictly regeneration-associated genes involved in oxidative stress response, chromatin modification, epithelial development and limb development. The specific expression of the genes was confirmed by in situ hybridization. Regeneration-specific expression databases are critical resources for understanding how regeneration-relevant phenotypes can be induced from adult cells Regeneration of the axolotl forelimb lower arm was compared with the healing of a deep lateral injury in a high density timecourse (uncut, 3h, 6h, 9h, 12h, 24h, 36h, 52h, 72h, 120h, 168h, 288h and 528h after injury). Three independent biological replicates were performed using separate cluches of animals. Amputated and lateral wound samples were made as matched contralateral samples of four pooled animals per timepoint.

ORGANISM(S): Ambystoma mexicanum  

SUBMITTER: Sergey Novozhilov   Mu Le  Juliane Scholz  Cynthia A Rascon  Tina Jakob  Akira Tazaki  Michael Volkmer  Elly M Tanaka  Dunja Knapp  Herbert Schulz  Bianca Haberman  Stephanie Protze  Eugen Nacu  Norbert Huebner 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-36451 | ArrayExpress | 2013-01-01



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