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Comparison of Bacillus subtilis wild type and cshA mutant at exponential versus stationary phase

ABSTRACT: Comparison of Bacillus subtilis wild type and cshA mutant at exponential versus stationary phase. Detailed description (other than provided below) of growth conditions, RNA preparation, cDNA synthesis and hybridization conditions can be found in the submitted paper. Bacillus subtilis 168 wild type and its cshA derivative strain were grown in CSE-Glu medium and cells were harvested at mid exponential (OD600 ~0.8) and early stationary phase (OD600 ~2.2-2.4). For both time points, 4 biological replicates were used and 2 were mixed after cDNA labeling, resulting 2 slides for both exponential and stationary phase. Dye swaps are included in both experiments.

ORGANISM(S): Bacillus subtilis  

SUBMITTER: Jorg Stulke   Oscar P Kuipers  Martin Lehnik  Akos T Kovacs 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-36877 | ArrayExpress | 2012-11-26



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DEAD-Box RNA helicases in Bacillus subtilis have multiple functions and act independently from each other.

Lehnik-Habrink Martin M   Rempeters Leonie L   Kovács Ákos T ÁT   Wrede Christoph C   Baierlein Claudia C   Krebber Heike H   Kuipers Oscar P OP   Stülke Jörg J  

Journal of bacteriology 20121121 3

DEAD-box RNA helicases play important roles in remodeling RNA molecules and in facilitating a variety of RNA-protein interactions that are key to many essential cellular processes. In spite of the importance of RNA, our knowledge about RNA helicases is limited. In this study, we investigated the role of the four DEAD-box RNA helicases in the Gram-positive model organism Bacillus subtilis. A strain deleted of all RNA helicases is able to grow at 37°C but not at lower temperatures. The deletion of  ...[more]

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