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Evolutionary Significance of DNA Methylation in Human and Chimpanzee Brains

ABSTRACT: We compared the genome-wide patterns of DNA methylation in the brains of humans to those of our closest evolutionary relative, chimpanzees, using base-pair resolution whole-genome methylation maps of the prefrontal cortex. Our data reveal that the prefrontal cortex is the most heavily methylated among the human tissues examined so far. Nevertheless, hundreds of genes exhibit dramatically reduced levels of promoter DNA methylation in the human brain relative to the chimpanzee brain. Many of these genes are associated with neurological disorders, psychological disorders, and cancers, and are enriched for functions related to cellular metabolic processes and protein binding. Moreover, the majority of these genes exhibit higher expression in the human brain compared to the chimpanzee brain. Profiling DNA methylation map in prefrontal cortex regions of postmortem brains of three humans and three chimpanzees

SUBMITTER: Yi Soojin   Zeng Jia  Jia Zeng 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-37202 | ArrayExpress | 2012-09-04



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Divergent whole-genome methylation maps of human and chimpanzee brains reveal epigenetic basis of human regulatory evolution.

Zeng Jia J   Konopka Genevieve G   Hunt Brendan G BG   Preuss Todd M TM   Geschwind Dan D   Yi Soojin V SV  

American Journal of Human Genetics 20120823 3

DNA methylation is a pervasive epigenetic DNA modification that strongly affects chromatin regulation and gene expression. To date, it remains largely unknown how patterns of DNA methylation differ between closely related species and whether such differences contribute to species-specific phenotypes. To investigate these questions, we generated nucleotide-resolution whole-genome methylation maps of the prefrontal cortex of multiple humans and chimpanzees. Levels and patterns of DNA methylation v  ...[more]

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