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Comparative analysis of rice plants infected with Rice tungro bacilliform virus

ABSTRACT: Rice tungro bacilliform virus (RTBV) is determinant of the rice tungro disease symptom. We compare the gene responses by RTBV infection between RTBV susceptive (TN1) and resistant cultivar (TW16). TN1 infected with RTBV shows the mild stunting and leaf yellowing, although TW16 shows only mild stunting at only early infection stage, and recovers the symptoms. Keywords: virus infection, disease response Comparison between RTBV and mock infected rice. Biological replicates: 3 control, 3 infected, independently grown and harvested. 1 samples derived from 5 plants grown under same conditons

ORGANISM(S): Oryza sativa Indica Group  

SUBMITTER: Hiromi Satoh  Toshihiro Omura   Kouji Satoh   Shoshi Kikuchi   Setsuko Kimura   Hiroaki Kondoh   Il-Ryong Choi    

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-38150 | ArrayExpress | 2012-12-31



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