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Gene expression signatures in miR-29c overexpressed gastric cancer cells.

ABSTRACT: To explain the mechanism that miR-29c affects the cell proliferation, we attempted to identify the miR-29c target genes in gastric carcinoma. The expression profiles in MKN45, MKN7 and MKN74 cells transfected with miR-29c oligo or Negative control oligo were obtained from microarray analysis. Then, the genes differentially expressed (Fold change >= 2.0) in miR-29c-transfected cells compared with negative control-transfected ones were identified in each cell lines, respectively. The differentially expressed genes shared among 3 cell lines were identified as the candidates for miR-29c targets. Human gastric cancer cell lines, MKN45, MKN74 and MKN7 were transfected with miR-29c oligo or negative control oligo (n=2) (Ambion). At 24h after, total RNA was extracted and microarray analysis was performed. The genes with common expression changes among three cell lines miR-29c-transfected were identified as the candidates for miR-29c targets.

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  

SUBMITTER: Yoshiyuki Tsukamoto   Chisato Nakada 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-38581 | ArrayExpress | 2013-03-27



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MiR-29c is downregulated in gastric carcinomas and regulates cell proliferation by targeting RCC2.

Matsuo Mitsuhiro M   Nakada Chisato C   Tsukamoto Yoshiyuki Y   Noguchi Tsuyoshi T   Uchida Tomohisa T   Hijiya Naoki N   Matsuura Keiko K   Moriyama Masatsugu M  

Molecular cancer 20130225

BACKGROUND: Previously, using miRNA microarray, we have found that miR-29c is significantly downregulated in advanced gastric carcinoma. In the present study, we investigated whether miR-29c functions as a tumor-suppressor miRNA in gastric carcinoma cells. For this purpose, we verified the downregulation of miR-29c in gastric carcinoma tissues, and assessed the biological effect of miR-29c on gastric carcinoma cells. RESULTS: In miR-29c-transfected cells, both proliferation and colony formation  ...[more]

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