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Expression evolution in gene groups: Inferring non-neutral regulatory change in pathways from transcriptional profiling data

ABSTRACT: We profiled the transcriptomes of four Saccharomyces species, as well as pairwise hybrids between three of the species with S. cerevisiae For pairwise comparisons between Saccharomyces cerevisiae and each of S. paradoxus, S. mikatae, and S. bayanus, we performed 3'-end RNA-seq on RNA from each parent species and each interspecific hybrid.

ORGANISM(S): Paradoxus  

SUBMITTER: Tiffany Y Hsu   Rachel B Brem  Yulia Mostovoy 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-38875 | ArrayExpress | 2013-10-21



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Inferring evolutionary histories of pathway regulation from transcriptional profiling data.

Schraiber Joshua G JG   Mostovoy Yulia Y   Hsu Tiffany Y TY   Brem Rachel B RB  

PLoS computational biology 20131010 10

One of the outstanding challenges in comparative genomics is to interpret the evolutionary importance of regulatory variation between species. Rigorous molecular evolution-based methods to infer evidence for natural selection from expression data are at a premium in the field, and to date, phylogenetic approaches have not been well-suited to address the question in the small sets of taxa profiled in standard surveys of gene expression. We have developed a strategy to infer evolutionary histories  ...[more]

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