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Host plant shift and acaricide resistance effects on gene expression in the two-spotted spider mite, T. urticae

ABSTRACT: The goal of our microarray experiments was twofold: 1) Compare the gene expression profile of acaricide resistant spider mite strains (MAR-AB and MR-VP) with that of a susceptible spider mite strain (London); 2) Study gene expression changes in spider mites from the London strain upon transfer from bean, a suitable host, to tomato, a less favorable host. These gene expression changes upon host change were measured for three timepoints (2 hour on tomato (Tomato-2h), 12 hour on tomato (Tomato-12h) and 5 generations on tomato (Tomato-5G)). 23 samples were analyzed: 6 biological replicates for MR-VP, 5 biological replicates for MAR-AB and four biological replicates each for Tomato-2h, Tomato-12h and Tomato-5G

ORGANISM(S): Tetranychus urticae  

SUBMITTER: Wannes Dermauw   Thomas Van Leeuwen  Nicky Wybouw  Stephane Rombauts 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-39869 | ArrayExpress | 2012-12-04



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A link between host plant adaptation and pesticide resistance in the polyphagous spider mite Tetranychus urticae.

Dermauw Wannes W   Wybouw Nicky N   Rombauts Stephane S   Menten Björn B   Vontas John J   Grbic Miodrag M   Clark Richard M RM   Feyereisen René R   Van Leeuwen Thomas T  

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 20121217 2

Plants produce a wide range of allelochemicals to defend against herbivore attack, and generalist herbivores have evolved mechanisms to avoid, sequester, or detoxify a broad spectrum of natural defense compounds. Successful arthropod pests have also developed resistance to diverse classes of pesticides and this adaptation is of critical importance to agriculture. To test whether mechanisms to overcome plant defenses predispose the development of pesticide resistance, we examined adaptation of th  ...[more]

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