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Brd2 regulates gene expression and alternative splicing.

ABSTRACT: We analyzed a role of Brd2 protein in transcription and alternative splicing. 289 genes change alternative splicing after Brd2 knockdown and 1459 genes alter gene expression compared to cells treated with negative control siRNA. 6 samples (3 independent samples of cells treated with Brd2 siRNA, 3 samples of cells treated with negative control siRNA)

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  

SUBMITTER: J Jarrells   David Stanek  D Stanek  J Hnilicova 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-39937 | ArrayExpress | 2013-12-03



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The C-terminal domain of Brd2 is important for chromatin interaction and regulation of transcription and alternative splicing.

Hnilicová Jarmila J   Hozeifi Samira S   Stejskalová Eva E   Dušková Eva E   Poser Ina I   Humpolíčková Jana J   Hof Martin M   Staněk David D  

Molecular biology of the cell 20130918 22

Brd2 is a member of the bromodomain extra terminal (BET) protein family, which consists of four chromatin-interacting proteins that regulate gene expression. Each BET protein contains two N-terminal bromodomains, which recognize acetylated histones, and the C-terminal protein-protein interaction domain. Using a genome-wide screen, we identify 1450 genes whose transcription is regulated by Brd2. In addition, almost 290 genes change their alternative splicing pattern upon Brd2 depletion. Brd2 is s  ...[more]

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