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Gene expression profiles in black soybean sprouts: 0.5 cm long vs 5 cm long

ABSTRACT: To explore the mechanism underlying antioxidant activity of extracts from black soybean sprouts 0.5 cm long, Agilent-016772 G. max (Soybean) Oligo Microarray 4x44K was used to compare mRNA expression between the black soybean sprouts 0.5 cm long (n=4) and the black soybean sprouts 5 cm long (n=4). GO term enrichment analysis showed ten up-regulated genes (BE823689.1_567, GMFL01-02-F14-R_381, GMFL01-03-G22-R_364, GMFL01-14-M12-R_553, GMFL01-51-M23-R_265, AW757007.1_297, AW761420.1_260, BI788389.1_501, BQ273202.1_332 and GMFL01-10-I14-F_701) in the 0.5 cm seedlings were associated with response to oxidative stress. qRT-PCR assay confirmed the up-regulation of these ten genes in sprouts 0.5 cm long. In conclusion, these ten genes may contribute to antioxidant activity of sprout extract. Gene expressions in black soybean sprouts were measured using Agilent-016772 G. max (Soybean) Oligo Microarray 4x44K. Four independent experiments were performed in each group using different sprout sample.

ORGANISM(S): Glycine max  

SUBMITTER: Shaomin Wei   Congfen He  Yinmao Dong  Yuanhong Zhuang  Jixiang Lai  Hong Weiguo 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-40002 | ArrayExpress | 2012-08-09



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